How to withdraw Bounties from Anq?

How to withdraw Bounties from Anq?

When you join Anq, we create a bunch of digital wallets for you:

1) Digital Gold bounty wallet

2) Digital Gold transaction wallet

3) VDA (BTC + others) bounty wallet

4) VDA (BTC + others) transaction wallet

Each time you earn bounties on Anq, we deposit the amount to your bounty wallet, whether it be Gold or BTC. However, you CANNOT withdraw your wealth in bounties directly from bounty wallet. You need to follow the following steps:

1) Redeem all your bounties - This will move your bounties from your bounty wallet to your transaction wallets.

2) Withdraw / sell from your transaction wallet - You can now treat your transaction like any other wallet and transfer your funds to any external wallet. For gold, we have two exit options right now - sell gold to bank account or request delivery of physical gold.

For those who are beginners with BTC, you might find the following articles interesting:

For those who want to dabble in multiple chains (we do not promote or demote any external wallet) -

For those who want to off ramp (convert it to INR), you can use one our desi exchanges: Β

Steps to off ramp (convert BTC to INR) are:

1) Open an exchange account

2) Get wallet address to deposit BTC, can be any one of the three networks that we support (BTC, BSC, ETH).

3) Provide that wallet address to Anq, and we will transfer the crypto to you.

At some point of time, you might be able to convert your BTC to INR directly on Anq, but for now, you will have to use third party exchanges.

And of course, if you face any issue, please reach out to our customer support at We are here to serve you.