How to apply for Phi - Pi credit card duo on Anq app

Step 1:

Download the Anq and make sure you have updated version - you can use the link below to download the app:

Step 2:

Select the credit card tab on the Home screen.

Step 3:

Click enter Phi(verse).

Step 4:

Go through the card proposition and scroll down. Tap to accept the consent, and click on "Apply Now" to go forward.

Step 5:

Add or select your current residence. After that we will check your eligibility for the credit card program and if all good, you will be able to proceed.

Step 6:

Scroll down to select your desired name on the card. Also, basis your interest, accept the complimentary Pi Rupay Credit Card consent by swiping right.

Step 7:

In your application data, please make sure that you have entered your Father's first, middle and last name in the application.

Step 8:

Complete your application, and press "Initiate VKYC". This will open up your native browser on your phone.

If you do not get an agent in 15 mins, please refresh the VKYC screen in your browser, so that the queue you are on is refreshed.