Anq: It's not just banking, it's banking built for YOU.

Anq: It's not just banking, it's banking built for YOU.
Anq : India's Most Rewarding Financial Services Experience!

Anq isn't your average digital banking platform. It's a springboard designed to propel ambitious individuals towards financial success. Packed with innovative features and a focus on rewarding everyday spending, Anq offers a unique banking experience that goes beyond traditional accounts.

Every feature, every reward, every decision at Anq? You're at the center of it all because your financial success is our obsession

The Power of Choice: A Card for Every Need

Anq caters to diverse spending habits with a selection of credit and prepaid cards:

  • X Card: This prepaid card offers a flat 1% bounty on every Rs 150 you spend, with no limits or restrictions. It's perfect for everyday purchases and racking up rewards effortlessly.
  • Phi Card: Indulge your passions with the Phi credit card. Earn a whopping 24 reward points for every Rs 200 spent across various categories like travel, dining, entertainment, and more. It's the ideal companion for those who appreciate a richer rewards experience.
  • Pi Card: Powered by Rupay, the Pi credit card lets you seamlessly integrate UPI payments into your reward strategy. Earn rewards on both UPI and online spends, declutter your bank statements, and enjoy a 50-day interest-free period on UPI transactions.

Download ANQ. It's your financial journey, your way.

Card for every need : Credit on UPI, Prepaid Card, Credit Card

Exclusive Perks and Rewarding Partnerships

Anq goes beyond basic rewards. X card users enjoy exclusive offers from partner brands like Bombay Shaving Company and Argos Watches, allowing them to earn accelerated bounties. Additionally, the Anq shopping portal offers brand-specific gift vouchers with bounties of up to 25%, further stretching your spending power.

Rewards with Stability: The Power of Market-Linked Investments

Anq understands the importance of long-term financial security. That's why all your rewards are linked to market-linked investment instruments like gold. This ensures your hard-earned bounties retain value and have the potential to grow over time.

A Growing Community: Trust and Credibility

We don't just serve customers, we empower them. Welcome to Anq.

With over 800,000 downloads and a user base exceeding 650,000 registered customers across the country and counting, Anq is a rapidly growing platform. This expanding community signifies the trust users are placing in Anq's innovative approach to banking. As Anq continues to evolve, its commitment remains the same: to provide exceptional customer service and develop even better financial propositions for its users.

ANQ: It's More Than Banking, It's Smart Spending

Anq is a revolutionary platform designed for the modern, ambitious individual. With its diverse card options, rewarding partnerships, and focus on market-linked investments, Anq empowers you to make the most of your money while propelling you towards financial success. So, ditch the traditional banks and unlock a world of rewards with Anq.